you think this is  a GAME?? [plugs in another controller and hands it to you] good because it is let’s get ready for some fun buddy

mom: *gets into car*
me: *violently shakes door handle until mom unlocks car*

Have you ever seen acting so bad you’re personally insulted.


do you ever make a huge scene and then march off to your bedroom but eventually you get hungry and you feel like you can’t leave your room because you want to prove a point or something


do i ever sleep? the world may never k(no)w


Congrats Coldplay on your two 2013 Brit Award nominations!


its gotten to the point where i dont even enjoy staying up late anymore

i just have no choice with it

it just happens


Last night I forgot what milk was called so I called it
Cereal water.

" are very /LUCKY/ that i don't POST that for all of TUMBLR to SEE. i'd REALLY like to reply to YOU on KIK but i MUST NOT because i cant FIND my PHONE and i think this GIRL who spent the NIGHT at my HOUSE has /STOLEN/ it??"
- undawater

…well guess WHAT i’m POSTING this PUBLICLY for all of TUMBLR to SEE. why was a GIRL spending the NIGHT at /YOUR/ HOUSE? YOU are supposed to be /HOMO/sexual???? excuse YOU. if that’s the CASE, when can /I/ come and SPEND the NIGHT at YOUR house ;)

also I’m the slowest replier on KIK in existence so don’t feel bad